Our Services:

Strategy & corporate development

We deliver corporate development strategies and M&A support to help you achieve growth or entry into key markets, including, but not limited to, Europe, China, India and the US.

Our strategies are designed to:

• Deliver portfolio growth in new or niche sectors.

• Enable internationalisation of your business.

• Achieve business turnaround and cost improvement.

We deliver deep industry expertise, advice and support to some of the world’s largest consulting firms and financial institutions. Our clients include leading generic pharmaceutical and OTC companies, and a host of emerging and mid-size firms.

Smart theory, sound practice

Taking your financial, commercial and operational drivers into account, we give you a road map with practical, actionable steps, enabling you to make a positive change within your business.
We develop your operations to ensure they are correctly sized to meet your organisation’s strategic growth demands. We also consider the impact of change on everyone involved, from the boardroom and operational management through to frontline or shop-floor workers.

Our highly flexible consulting approach ensures you do not receive an 'off-the-shelf' solution, but rather a tailored response to your unique circumstances and challenges. In this way we help organisations take a wider, longer-term view and decide how best to achieve their goals in an uncertain future.