Our Services:

Mature brands & LOE strategy

Pharmawise can support you in developing a broad-ranging strategic toolkit to cushion the impact of patent expiry and loss of exclusivity (LOE) as we consider all the options and strategies generic companies will employ to penetrate your market.

Our solutions are embedded in deep and rigorous generic/biosimilar market knowledge, combining focused primary research and competitive intelligence and revenue modelling to support strategic decision making.

• LOE management advice to minimise significant loss of revenue in first year.

• Patent loss preparedness audit.

• Generic/biosimilar industry insights.

• Patent loss management strategy evaluation and development.

• Strategic planning workshops.

• Life cycle management advisory.

• Customer intelligence (CI) expertise.

Support across key activities

• Maximising your pre-patent revenue and protecting the exclusivity time window where possible.

• Optimising your overall commercial position during patent loss events, minimising revenue and profit loss following patent expiration.

• Identifying initiatives to extend the brand franchise, in addition to those which afford protection.

• Providing a focal point for patent-loss strategic planning across the whole organisation which is independent, cost-efficient and rigorous enough to satisfy board-level scrutiny or challenge.

• Identifying key risks from the implementation of new strategic initiatives and the likely competitor response, through to cross–border implications of proposed national strategies and tactics.